Career Shift — Is this a good move for people in their late 30s?

For me, the answer can be yes and no! Oh no! What have I gotten into? Why do I need to write about this here?

As a person who has been employed with the government for 11 years already, I would say that career shift would not be a good idea. Also, I’m nearly 40, who would accept me at this age? Well, this is just what I thought because I am in my comfort zone. I feel that my career is already enough for me to think about changing my job. There are many more reasons that can be drawn from my present situation such as family matters, what others may say, and etc.

I am someone who I call crazy or unpredictable!!! I don’t even want to understand myself sometimes because I think too deeply about everything. But then after a few days of thinking, I got back up again and thought about how I can get out of the worse situation I am into — I got back up and started deciding on how I can make the situation become better.

Well, this paragraph is a sort of commercial break from the main topic I’d like to talk about. Sometimes, I think a lot about shifting career because I don’t want to imprison myself into a job that removes the remaining happy moments of my life.

So let’s get back to the topic. I said that it would not be a good idea to change careers in our late 30s because of so many reasons that I experience. But then, it’s only an idea, it is not something that applies to everyone. It is not fixed! So, if you are like me who would love to venture outside your comfort zone, then let us prove ourselves that there is more to life than just age limits when it comes to jobs or occupations or career. I think this notion is mostly just revolving around here in our country and those other countries that include age limits when hiring workers.

While it may be late to do so and it might not be easy to start over again, moving out from what has been serving us well for many years can be positive challenge that we can concur later. Yes, jobs/careers can feed us and our families but it should never be a reason for us to suffer emotionally because we are not already happy or we felt empty. Sometimes, money matters but happiness will never be equal with money. Am I just the one who thinks this way? Others say happiness is a state of mind, well it’s true! But I can’t give myself a favor this time, I can choose to be happy at work, even when things are at worst but I am talking about the real thing, no hypocrisy, no fakeness, no lame excuses and all that.

I can just become a cleaner and enjoy doing the chores just because. I can be a freelancer and enjoy working with different people and different projects and be happy about it just because. I can also be a nomad who earns while traveling, fulfilling my hearts desires of visiting places and be content about it just because. There’s a lot more in my mind. All I can say for now is, shifting careers at 40s may or may not be a good move but it’s always you who will decide in the end. Follow your instincts, follow your heart and let the Creator take charge.

As for me, I don’t know and will never know what life can bring. But I am already taking actions. One day, I’ll be happy writing about the follow up of this story. For now, I would just like to be happy than to be tied to one place.

Me, while writing my piece tonight… You see, I can’t always be ready for beautiful pictures, the same thing with careers, I can’t always say that I will be happy till the end of my career… So, shifting is a yes for me, however, it’s our call, let’s see what can be done…



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I'm a freelancer, a content writer, an adventurer and a mother of two… I love to hear and read topics about life, love and adventure.